Earthquake Hits Cebu

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Cebu Province at around 8:12am with numerous buildings and infrastructures heavily damaged. One of the oldest church established in the Philippines particularly the Basílica Minore del Santo Niño was one of the affected historical landmark.

It is made from white stones and molave wood. The stones were quarried from Capiz and Panay by an army of bancas. The molave wood came from the mountains of Talisay and Pitalo and was transported in bancas hired in Argao and Carcar.

The church was finished not later than 1739. The original features of the church have been retained except for the windows added. In 1965, both church and convent underwent a bigger restoration on the occasion of the fourth centennial of the Christianization of the country. The face lifting was made with utmost respect for the historical character of the old structure.

According to an author named Vela, “the church has all the characteristics of a solid construction to withstand all the earthquakes…” And true enough, the church withstood all earthquakes. Although it heavily damaged the bell tower, the rest of the church remained intact.


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