Exploring Camotes Island

Camotes Island is noted as famous and well-known top tourist destination in the islands of Cebu. Once known as “The Lost Horizon of the South”, because of its unspoiled atmosphere. Legend has it that Spaniards who arrived here came upon some natives farming. When asked what the island’s name was, the natives replied “camotes” (sweet potatoes), thinking they were being asked what they were harvesting.

The Camotes Islands are a group of islands that form part of the province of Cebu, Philippines. The island group is located at the eastern part of Cebu and southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island. It has beaches with glistening waters and relaxed shores, are excellent places to swim and sunbathe undisturbed. Aside from the beautiful beach resorts, to make your stay worthwhile, you can also visit their tourist spots which such as the Timubo cave, Bukilat cave, Busay falls, Buho Rock, Santiago Beach, and Lake Danao Park.


If you want to enjoy a boat cruise, horseback riding, hike or a picnic, you can go to Lake Danao. It is the biggest natural lake (700-hectares) in Camotes Island. The lake has a shape of a guitar whose park is the entry point in accessing the lake itself. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. It is also popularly labeled as the Lover’s Lake. For some obvious reasons, it is serene and has romantic appeal for couples or lovers to be at.

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Santiago Bay Beach, a public beach with a long white-sand shoreline. The fine and powdery white sand stretches for almost a kilometer. It is great for kids for swimming and playing since its shore is shallow. During low tide, you can walk on the sand bar as far as you want or play any games you can. Certainly, it is great for adults, especially for friends, family, and bigger groups. You have plenty of space to play in the water without disturbing other visitors.



Located Northeast of Camotes Island, in the island of Poro, Bukilat Cave boasts its icy-cool water coming from an unknown source. Many believed that the water came from an underground spring and the droplets from the stalactites. Some of the water flows out to the nearby sea. It is situated in McArthur, Tudela, Poro Island, Camotes , Cebu.

Bukilat Cave is one of the main tourist attractions. It is one of the 8 natural caves and is the most prominent. It is believed to be named after the founder’s name, Bukilat. A long time ago, Bukilat Cave used to be the shelter for the people living in the island from the Japanese invaders during World War II. It has been rumored to have hidden treasures scattered throughout this area.

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Buho Rock is one of Camotes Island tourist spots. The cliffside property has overlooking panoramic views of the sea. It is a coral rock shaped like a small ship docked at a port in one of the cliffs of the Western Poblacion. It offers view decks with cottages, and one the adventurous can choose to swim, snorkel or cliff-dive.


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Another stunning subterranean secret is the challenging Timubo Cave in Sonog, where you need to make your way down a winding staircase to reach the clear waters within. The entrance is safely equipped with round-iron handrails leading inside as you descend through the dim lighted path. The concrete steps from the entrance is fairly done down to the bottom level of the inner cave. Inside you can see smaller versions of stalactites and stalagmites. As you reach the lowest level of the cave you have to cross a knee-deep small pool of water before you reach the larger main pool where you can enjoy swimming or just relaxing the refreshing cool water.




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If you want to experience a different type of adventure, you can go trekking to Busay Falls and then enjoy the chill of cascading therapeutic water as it splashes on your body. It offers is a 20-minutes walk from the street of General, Tudela, Camotes Islands, Cebu.








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